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SSH From Router To Node Doesn't Work When Started By services-start Script

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I've got the following SSH line in my services-start script

sleep 300
DROPBEAR_PASSWORD="ssh_password" ssh -y -y -l "ssh_username" "" "bash -s" < "node-script" &> /dev/null

which unfortunately keeps failing when it's run during the router boot process. However, if I SSH into the main router and manually invoke the script, the above line connects to the node without any issues. The only difference that I can think of between the two methods of how it's invoked is that during the boot process there is no display/terminal associated with the script and when run manually there is a display/terminal associated with it via the SSH session on the main router. However, I'm not sure how to actually get this fixed so that I can connect via SSH from the main router to a node via the services-start script.

Nevermind ... turns out the issue was that the working directory was different when run via the services-start script vs when run manually and the command I'm using was assuming that the node-script script is located in the working directory.

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