Stable GSM router

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I need to provide internet to a remote location. It will be used for automated 1-2 mails per day. Currently, I use a SIM card that charges $5/month for 500MB.

I bought a T-Mobile WiFi Hotspot Coolpad Surf Cp331A 4G LTE. This runs absolutely fine, but I have to manually reboot the router once a week when it stops working. It has no access from outside and no function to reboot itself.

Do you know any router that has built-in GSM and is very stable?


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Buy a timer 'cord' that reboots it daily. Much cheaper.


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Why not? :)


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Hi there, I recently spent my Internet on the farm and also looked for a modem that uses a sim card and gsm, found a solution in the form of a modem on linux, I think you can make your own custom settings for the modem and get what you want. Like I took this one: you can still see similar modems from Amazon, I saw this one but unfortunately I already lost the link(


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I would love to find something that is proven to work very stably. Cost is not so much a factor.


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@StephanK - For something next-level that will just work and never need reboots, I'd look at the likes of Peplink, CradlePoint, Digi, Sierra and similar. Something carried by the likes of Since this is a lighter duty use-case, you should be able to get away with entry-level models from any of those brands.


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I have been using a Netgear LB1120 in bridge mode for a couple of years now on an AT&T account and have found it to be very reliable.

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