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Stable router around 100€ supporting VLAN tagging/IPTV, media share (upnp/dlna) and usb ports

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I've been using an Archer C7 v2 that now died during firmware upgrade and I'm looking for a replacement. To be honest, I was happy with the C7 except the DLNA server worked very poorly since many times it didn't index the media files or stopped working altogether.

So here's my wishlist:
  • most important of all: stable, that doesn't give problems with 5 or 6 clients connected, 1 with torrents, no reboots needed, time is money so I can pay more to have peace of mind;
  • VLAN tagging / IPTV (this is a must have since it's to replace my ISP fiber router like I had my archer C7). That means tagging internet ports to vlan 100 and iptv box to vlan 103.;
  • 1, preferably 2 USB ports to share usb pen drives. It needs to have samba share and DLNA/upnp that works nicely;
  • custom firmware: dd-wrt or similar is a must.
  • must have 5GHz.
  • range isn't very important, it's a 4 bedroom apartment and router can be more or less in the middle.
  • budget can be higher if it's worth it or lower if it's good enough

Please note I do understand this is a router, not a full media center. It really just has to serve some media files to my TV for the kids to enjoy. I fully expect to have some limitations there. Also usb speed I can live with slow since I'll put there usb sticks that aren't fast to begin with.

In my country it's very easy to buy Asus, TP-Link or D-Link. Netgear is a bit harder. Some netgear routers are also available. Now for prices it's a different beast, here are some examples:

- Archer C7 - 69€
- Asus RT-AC66U - 105€
- Asus RT-AC68U - 138€
- Asus RT-AC85P - 124€
- Asus RT-AX56U - 130€
- Asus RT-AC1750U - 88€
- Asus RT-AX58U - 170€
- Asus RT-AC86U - 140€
- Netgear R6400 - 119€
- Netgear R6700 - 133€
- Netgear R7000 - 187€
- D-Link DIR-1960 - 114€
- D-Link DIR-882 - 130€
- D-Link DIR-2660 - 114€ (on sale, normal 138€)

I'm used to Archer C7 and it's good enough for me except the media share so maybe I'm looking at very expensive models than I need?

Right now I'm leaning either to get another Archer C7 or Asus RT-AC66U.

Archer C7 because I already know how to use it and in the future get a raspberry pi or something for DLNA component.

Asus RT-AC66U because it's very compatible with DD-WRT and it seems like a time tested stable product at a good price. From the manual it seems Asus software is already very good and does all I need. I think it's a very old router but I don't know what's the model replacing it.

Also inclined to Asus RT-AC1750U since it's cheaper and I don't know what it's missing comparing to AC66U

1) As you can see, all of those already exceed my budget. Any other models with USB ports I can check?
2) What would you get from these brands and why?
3) Any preference in brands from asus, netgear and d-link in terms of stability, software quality, media share abilities?
4) Any brand offering 3 or more years of warranty? (that would be a nice plus)
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