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Static IP not working

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I have 3 POE cameras and I have manually assigned specific IPs in the LAN DHCP service section, but ever since the last update the router will not assign static IP address.
Every time the router reboots it will not apply the static ip addresses.

Any suggestions?
So you mean reserved IP (Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list) rather than static IP.

Have you rebooted the cameras?
Yes, I have the cameras reboot every Sunday morning...which is today and this is when I noticed the cameras were offline. When I checked the IP address, I noticed it had changed to a random one.
I cleared the log and manually rebooted the camera and the only message that came through was this...

"Feb 13 12:00:35 kernel: nf_conntrack: automatic helper assignment is deprecated and it will be removed soon. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead."
Do you get messages from other DHCP clients when they connect or are you suppressing or redirecting them somewhere else?
Not that I am aware of. To be honest, I am not sure what I am looking for.
Normal messages would be something like this:
Feb 12 22:20:25 dnsmasq-dhcp[3197]: DHCPDISCOVER(br0) ec:1f:72:f8:4a:21
Feb 12 22:20:25 dnsmasq-dhcp[3197]: DHCPOFFER(br0) ec:1f:72:f8:4a:21
Feb 12 22:20:25 dnsmasq-dhcp[3197]: DHCPREQUEST(br0) ec:1f:72:f8:4a:21
Feb 12 22:20:25 dnsmasq-dhcp[3197]: DHCPACK(br0) ec:1f:72:f8:4a:21 Galaxy-S6
For your cams assign a real static IP address at each cam. Leave a pool of IP addresses at the beginning of the DHCP pool for those addresses assigned at the client. I start the DHCP list at which leaves me thru .10 to assign to clients.
There have been issues with dnsmasq in 386.4. You may want to go back to 386.3 or Asus firmware.
Yeah, I had to manually assign a static ip on each of the cameras using their own GUI.

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