Strange Behavior - ASUS AC-5300 & MerlinWRT

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Hello Folks,

I have searched several threads and looked at many of the posts and I am at a loss as to the specific reasons why I am seeing speed issues...So seeing as I have a spare factory new Ac-5300 I decided to swap it in vs. the Merlin version.

The Merlin firmware routinely struggles to get 300Mbps out of the 1Gbps speed available from the modem the stock Asus firmware routinely gets 700mbps and even hits the full 1Gbps speeds with lite traffic and off peak times.

What makes this even more strange is setting up wireless on the stock box with identical Wifi passwords and protocols to the Merlin box I can connect via wireless with one desktop without a problem, but when I go back to the Merlin box with identical wireless settings the desktop refuses to connect 100% of the time...bizarre because other wireless devices (iPad, Android Phones) have swapped back and forth between both routers with no issues. It is computer specific, but I am at a loss as to how this could be if other devices connect?

To top it off I still have the same speed issues and I have done this a few times to confirm the results, both Speedtest and Fast and seeing similar speed issues between the stock firmware and Merlin. The connection thing is something new as of this morning?

Both boxes have the latest firmware as well. Thoughts?


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I have to ask the obvious question: Did you do a factory default reset and manual configuration after installing Merlin?

P.S. Ac-5300 is not a valid model number, do you mean RT-AC5300?


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Yes, once....have not done it again. Do you think the reset never 'took' correctly? The last time I did that was major revision, not the minor update, is it possible that it really was required even though it is typically not true?


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Even though it's typically not necessary when you encounter inexplicable behaviour it's worth doing just so that you know you are working from the correct baseline.

I would look at the Tools > System Information page and make sure that hardware acceleration is fully enabled.


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I will take a quick look once I get a bit more time where I can have the internet down...there has to be a simple answer I am missing, comparing screenshots of all the tabs/options between the setup I may have missed something. Thanks for the tip Colin, I will post how I make out.


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If an 'easy' fix isn't found soon. :)

Not clear if you are importing old saved config files (and/or worse; from your previous router)?

Also, are you 'blindly' putting in old settings and/or customizations that may be superfluous and even detrimental today?

The link in my signature below will show you links for further info too to get your router back to a good/known state.

Look for the M&M Config, the Nuclear Reset, Sanitize Network, and the Why a new SSID links, specifically. :)

HTH. :)

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