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Strange Behavior between Firewall And DNS (388.1)

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at my router with merlin 388.1 and addons

at LAN --> DHCP SERVER --> Advertise router's IP in addition to user-specified DNS = ON
and Tools ---> other settings ---> Wan: Use local caching DNS server as system resolver (default: No) = yes
my problem:
when i used youtube app with android devices the videos I was watching were not showing up in the youtube history so i decide to add the exception youtube servers at firewall.
at Firewall ---> Url Filter ---> filter table type = Allow list , enable url filter = enable and at filter list i add 1) s.youtube.com 2) s2.youtube.com when push APPLY button no device has internet access.

if at firewall --> url filter = disable all devices connect again to internet

any idea how to fix it??
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