Strange VPN Routing Issue

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Mike S

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I have two locations, both with Asus-Merlin routers running 384.18. I have an OpenVPN tunnel connecting the two locations.

At my main office, I have a Windows 2003 server connected to the LAN with IP Address

At my remote location, I have a Windows 10 laptop connected to the LAN with IP Address I also have a printer on the LAN with IP

I can successfully ping the server at the main location from the laptop. The server can't ping the remote laptop, but can successfully ping the remote printer.

The remote Router can ping the remote laptop as well as the remote printer.

The main office router can ping the remote printer, and other devices on the remote office LAN, but it can't ping the remote office laptop.

I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what might be causing this?


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Sounds like a firewall issue on the laptop. Windows Firewall will block incoming ICMP packets originating from outside the local subnet by default (unless it is part of a Windows domain).
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