Stumped: RT-AC68U v3 Guest Networks do not stay enabled across reboot or power cycle

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searched the forums, asus, online, and read the manual upside down.
Ok, i am stumped. New , out of the box unit. Updated to stock asus firmware latest 386 series for AC68U v3 from ASUS website.
Did Hard Factory reset.
entered config for 2.4 and 5 Ghz wireless. set up 2 guest networks on each, using WPA2 personal only, AES, 1 day access time limit, no bandwidth limit, intranet access disabled, mac filtering disabled.

wlan shows up and can access from devices.
reboot or power cycle disables guest networks.
only way to enable is to go into configuration and enable.

Saw a reddit thread where some had there guest network disable after updating from last 385 firmware to 386_43129 firmware. Tried that using same process above. No change in behavior.

What am i missing ?

Update: if i leave all the settings on defaults, it stays enabled across a reboot. Weird.

Any chance the Merlin fork solves this issue ?

thanks for your help. i have been using CISCO SMB gear for years with out this kind of oddity.
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Hardware issues perhaps?

Did you import any old saved backup config files into the new router?


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Hardware issues perhaps?

Did you import any old saved backup config files into the new router?
Hope not. No, this was hard factory reset + manual config each time. Even did it twice in a row before each test.
Just ran a test trying the different config settings. Initial result is that leaving the Access Time as unlimited allows the guest wlan to stay enabled.

more testing to follow.

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