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[Success] 2.5G USB on GT-AX11000

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Success! I managed to get the Pluggable 2.5G USB adapter working as LAN5 (eth9) with full 2.5gigabit speeds on my GT-AX11000 (Asus Merlin v388.1). Now I have 2x 2.5G interfaces on my router.

How: Compiled RTL8156B drivers (v2.16.3) for GT-AX11000 + updating init-start scripts (as specified in Renjie's post). I have attached it here for other GT-AX11000 owners if they need it.

Question: How do I get LAN5 to show up in the Asus Merlin Interface for things like Dual WAN?
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There's quit a thread about doing this already. You'll want to check actual throughput as many of us found out that seeing "2.5gb" in the firmware did not mean internally the USB circuit kept up.

Good work compiling those drivers.

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