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Switch + gaming adapter= cheap AP?

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In an effort to try and upgrade my wireless as cheaply as possible while I wire my house I have a question.

If I have a "gaming adapter" like the linksys WGA600N, and hook it up to a switch would the deivces hooked up to that switch be able to ustiilize that wireless connection, or would there be issues with having multiple devices hooked up to that one point?

On a napkin after a beer it makes sense that it would work, but most plans look good in that vein, and run into issues in the actual working. has anyone got a definitive answer on this? I just don't want to buy multiple gaming adapters or have to buy 2 routers to make one an AP/bridge :S

Thanks in advance :)
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According to my Linksys contact, your beer-inspired plan should work. :)
Thank you Tim and thank you sweet barley and hops for the thinking juice required to devise such a plan.

Hopefully it will hold me over while I figure out how to run cable from my office to my living room.

I'm sure I'll be back with more question once I get this set up :)
re-kindling this post....if I may

If I wanted to add a print server to the end of the WET610N and connect a PC, I could use a switch (like a d-link DI-604 router) and a separate print server.

Was wondering if a wireless print server and switch (netgear WGPS606 seems to get good reviews) would work too (disable wireless). Would this be a better option instead of having two components?

sorry about that.

My understanding of the above post, is that I could hook the WGA600N to a switch and attach a print server (and another PC) to this switch. In this setup, any PC on the network would be able to use the printer attached to the print server.

Instead of using a switch and a print server, would the Netgear combo switch/print server (WGPS606 ) also work (if wireless is disabled)? And would have a single component (WGPS606) have any benefit of over two (switch and print server)?
Thanks for the rewrite.

Either solution that you propose should work. Main pro / con is # of boxes and loss of one switch port with the two-box solution.

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