Switches confirm to work with AiMesh


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I tried asking Asus directly, but no answer so far.
I'm using Ethernet Backhaul Mode and I intend to keep using it as it allows using all radios. (In Europe having the 2nd 5GHz radio on DFS channels allows higher power; I'm keeping one 5GHz radio on U-NII-2A so every client will be able to connect at all times and the other one on U-NII-2C, it gives better coverage, less congested, but it may go out every now and then due to radar events).

Very likely I'll have to buy at least one switch to be able to have ethernet and Nodes all over the new place.
Ideally I would go for switches with management. If someone here uses such switch and can confirm it's working on an Ethernet Backhaul between Router and Node. Are there any settings in the switches that needs to be turned on or off to make sure it's working?
Switches without management would be the second choice. Any models?
8 ports should be enough. I may be able to go with 4 ports, but I will not know that before actually checking the coverage 3 Asus devices will provide.
Currently the network is a GT-AC5300 as router and an RT-AX88U as node. Most likely I'll have to add a 3rd device and it will be another 3 radio so a RT-AX92U will be the most likely candidate. AX is not something I need now so I'll keep mixing AC with AX. In the future I may have to replace the GT with a new AX router.


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I have a D-Link DGS-1510-28X as my primary LAN switch. I use the 10Gb SFP+ ports with my AX89X. It works totally fine with my AiMesh setup, which consists of the AX89X (main), AX88U (node) and GT5300 (node).

Now that I think about it, I actually have an additional switch further down the line sitting in front of the GT5300. It's a garden variety D-Link 28-port unmanaged (1024, maybe?). No problems with that and AiMesh either.

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