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SYN_SENT firewall Lan to wan doesn't work

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Firewall Lan to Wan

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New Around Here
I updated my AC87U and I realized that firewall doesn't work,I blocked port 80,but I could access http, the browser(updated)sent a lot of SYN_SENT (15)and it was not block,after two minutes I had not internet connection(my sysctl.config let 3 and syncookie activated for spoofing)
Wireshark show me SYN tcp retransmission and differents servers included microsoft (I use ubuntu OS)and private ranges,and no more packets delivery;after 7 SYN I had no connection.
I reinstalled olders merlin's firmware and I reconfigure 3 times my new router,even I reinstalled olders config that I kept and its were working well ,one month an a half ago,but the result it was all time ,the same(USB formatted and all reinstalled again),no connection after two minutes.
I have installed three scripts ipv6 that with less they were working amazing two weeks ago,and they continue to work,I thougth that it could be heaviest for the router and it could not proccess but CPU level it is lower.
I tried with my ISP router,I have a look to wireshark connection some black SYN sometimes but connection without problems.
After one week I have no clue,and I tried all that came to my mind to restore firewall lan to wan( iptables raw show me that block all that I requested but indeed it's not blocked )
I connect by openvpn 256CBC tcp or udp port 443 or 1194.
Please if someone know how to solve this or any idea I appreciate that you let me know,Many Thanks in advance.

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