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Synology CS407 v QNAP 409 Pro v Thecus N4100

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New Around Here
I've managed to squirrel away 4 x 750 Samsung 753LJ HDD's and £400.

I've my eye on two NAS devices:-
Synology CS407


£320 x 1.15 = £368

Or the :
QNAP 409 Pro

Approx £384

The tests HERE are quite revealing.

The Thecus N4100Pro can be had for approx £400

Iv'e been looking for some time now, I need a NAS compatible with the HDD's I have, which the Synology is now I note. I want RAID5 so need 4 bay.

My main stress for the NAS will be streaming 1080p 1:1 BluRay files with total bitrate of circa 50Mb/s so the fact that the Thecus can achieve speeds nearly double the CS407 is a big plus.

The Thecus forum, or lack thereof of one with any activity is a big disadvantage though as this is my first NAS device.
Funds are limited to what ive squirrelled, what have others experienced?
Interesting to see those prices. In Australia, the Thecus is the cheapest with the QNAP next and Synology as the most expensive. There is a $400AUD spread (180GBP/250USD) $650-$1050.

I would have bought the QNAP if it wasn't so expensive because what they are doing with the optware stuff is cool.

Instead I saved about $300AUD and bought a Thecus 3200pro. It was hard to argue with the savings and its a nice focused unit for home use.

I can pick up TS-109 with the money I saved anyway.
first off Blu-Rays 50Mbps is Mega Bits per second which equates to 6MB/s. So all the NAS's here should be able to provide that over 100mbit ethernet.

Option wise I am currently looking at:

Synology 407(e) and 407, QNAP 409(pro) and the Thecus N3200 Pro

407(e) - £275 inc VAT
N3200Pro - £332 Inc VAT
407 - £355 inc VAT
409 - £382 inc VAT
409 Pro - £412 inc VAT

I really like the Qnap devices and am very tempted by the 409 Pro. But it is rather pricey. The Thecus N3200 is a bit of a dark horse as it seems to be fast and very capable. Having had a thecus N299 however has put me off them slightly. The interface is clunky and it never seemed to work as well as advertised (Anyone got a N3200 Pro and can give some feedback). Synology obviously has the Ajax interface which looks good and can run Squeezecenter which is a nice bonus (as can the Qnap).

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