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Synology now supports 2TB WD drives

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Mr. Easy
Staff member
[FONT=微軟正黑體][FONT=微軟正黑體]Synology announced support for six additional hard drives, including the newest Western Digital 2 TB hard drive, three 1 TB and two 500 GB hard drives from Western Digital and Seagate.

[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=微軟正黑體][FONT=微軟正黑體]The hard drives models are Western Digital WD20EADS, WD1001FALS, and WD5000AACS, and Seagate ST31000333AS, ST31000340NS, and ST3500320AS. All these models have been proven to be compatible with Synology Disk Station x09, x08, and x07 series with exceptions of DS109j, DS108j, and DS107e.[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=微軟正黑體][FONT=微軟正黑體]To view the complete supported hard drive models list, visit: http://synology.com/support/faq_show.php?lang=enu&q_id=130

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