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Synology & QNap Test Drives available online

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I didn't realise this until just recently, but both Synology and QNap have live demos available on their web sites. I found this very informative and a good way to answer a lot of my questions about the features/functionality.

On the Synology web site, click the "test drive DSM 2.1" graphic on the home page.

On the QNAP web site, click the "live demo" link under the "User Area" section of their home page.

I do find it interesting that QNAP now has a new AJAX GUI for selected models, but that the live demo is still based on the old and somewhat unimpressive old interface.

Information about the new QNAP AJAX GUI can be found here:

Surprisingly, there is very little information or reference to this new interface on the QNAP forums. I talked with a pre-sales person and the product manager and they say that the new AJAXGUI will be available for download in the next month or so for their 4 and 5 bay NAS devices.
There is no live demo of the Version 3 GUI for QNAP. The link you mentioned just takes you to information pages, not a demo.

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