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Synology's 10Gbe mini option

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Clark Griswald

Very Senior Member
Synology offers a space/drawer to install their optional 10Gbe mini, rather than upgrade their outdated 1Gbe (ie DS1522+).
As a DS918+ owner I don't mind the 10Gbe option (albeit their proprietary mini card), yet I'm disappointed that Synology didn't update their 1Gbe ports to a minimum 2.5Gbe.
Global Pandemic, Supply Chain Disruptions, etc I just find the situation ridiculous, when QNAP has been offering faster solutions with their NAS lines for quite some time. Now waiting for @L&LD to put his "Like" for the QNAP bump ;)
I don't see a question here buddy. though that's a crappy PCI x1 vertical design that would just piss me off further when trying to get more speed over the network. Over priced POS captive design BS!!!!! If it were a normal slotting method you could get a 10gbps card for under $100.

I use QNAP for networking though because it's a niche option that just works in most PC designs w/o much fuss. They're reliable on the Aquantia multi-gig speed side of networking and don't tend to have issues in Linux.
You have 2x Gigabit ports with Link Aggregation option. This will give approx. 235MB/sec transfer speed. Do you need more?
Seriously, I don't NEED 10Gbe, nor any of the multi-gig ul/dl internet speeds, but it would be nice for Synology to maintain some form of competitive hw in their NAS line up, since they only have a few competitors in their market range (consumer/smb). This add-on card is for their new releases, instead of a real nic is a poor decision IMHO

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