T-Mobile router flashed to AC68P won't join AiMesh as a node

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I have a T-Mobile Asus router that had the AC68P firmware flashed on it when I got it. I used it as my main router, with another T-Mo with AC68U firmware as a node in my AiMesh.

I recently upgraded to an AC3100 as my main, and it adopted the AC68U into its AiMesh with no problem.

The AC68P refuses to become a node, I've tried doing so by going through the web interface wizard and moving the LAN cable to the new router when prompted, and by using the Asus Router App on my phone. It has no problem becoming a router, and I've tried hardware reset, clearing NVRAM on the ASUStek CFE MiniWeb Server page, but no change. I've also tried uploading the AC68U firmware to it via the web interface, and by putting it in Rescue Mode and using the firmware restore tool. No luck.

Any ideas? It is currently on the AC68P firmware, version


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TMobile routers are only licensed to use TMobile firmware.

Your routers shouldn't be flashed with any other firmware and are not able to run Aimesh/nodes.

If you want Aimesh purchase routers designed for the purpose.
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