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Teamviewer Wake on Lan with public IP

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New Around Here
I want to set up team viewer 14 to wake on Lan

It works fine on my local net work but I am going to be away for 6 months and I want to set it up to work on my public ip.

I have registered on noip and set up a host name then entered this in my Asus AC68U router which said it was successful.

Team viewer is setup to use the noip domain and port 9

However if I use the “port check tool” it tells me that it cannot see the service on the my ISP IP on port 9 “connection refused” I changed to port to 21 with the same issue.

Has anyone successfully set up team viewer with the AC68U Merlin firmware up to date?
Yes, but I just use standard setup where it is on my PC and others on my LAN.
When I am away I can connect with no problems and choose which host I want to connect to.
I had no need to change any settings on my AC68U. Teamviewer just passes through it.

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