[TEMPMON] HND CPU Temperature Logging

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Hello all

Since there seems to be wildly varying idle temps for the 86U specifically depending on firmware, thought Id help out with the monitoring. And something for those who just cant get enough stats in their logs. :cool:

Should be compatible with RT-AC86U, RT-AX86U, RT-AX88U (only tested on 86U as of posting)

This is alpha as its only developer (me) tested, if feedback is bug free and positive Ill look at adding more compatible models

To download, scripts must be enabled, from an SSH terminal, copy/paste
curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maverickcdn/tempmon/master/tempmon.sh" -o "/jffs/scripts/tempmon.sh" && chmod a+rx "/jffs/scripts/tempmon.sh"
To start polling the CPU Temperature and begin logging
sh /jffs/scripts/tempmon.sh
To manually log currently polled temps
sh /jffs/scripts/tempmon.sh logging
Default install will log once per day every 4 hours with 15s 5s CPU temperature polling. Edit the variables within tempmon.sh to suit your desires. (edit. 4 times per/day is less spammy than hourly but better averages than 1 day logging)

Polling monitor does not survive reboots, if you wish to have script run on reboot, call this script with the start polling command from a services-start script
All time High/Low CPU temps do not survive reboots, they're meant to reflect uptime high/low
Try not to set low poll rates (eg 2sec) with long log periods (eg days) polled temps are saved to /tmp (ram) and unsure how long it would take to run the logging

This is my first public script, please be gentle. Ha
Please comment if you find it useful, and Ill do my best to add features if warranted, and adjust based on input
And for those wondering, yes my wicens (wan ip change) script is still coming... this is my trial run with git ;)

Happy routing.

edit.JPG (use nano and edit these lines in the file for log_interval log_interval_unit and poll_freq)

And yes those temps are my 86U ;) (thermal compound is breaking in now)
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JR Godwin

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Now how do we take this, and turn it into a user page like spdMerlin and have it graph, etc. :)


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Now how do we take this, and turn it into a user page like spdMerlin and have it graph, etc. :)
One day, although really my unit only fluctuates 4C throughout a day. Maybe users running more CPU intensive tasks see greater fluctuation

I would like to fork out my wicens script into its own Emailer script and then could have this script Email hightemp warnings or something.

I can consult if needed :)
Thats why github is so damn handy, I can just snoop everyone else's (much higher quality) work!

Side note, hit a new low of 36.5C :p

How I got so low


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Was that a bird? Was that a plane?


That was @Jack Yaz!

With JYSSE emblazoned across his shirt! Jack Yaz, Super Scripter Extraordinaire! Fighting mild, text-based scripts everywhere! And making them rock! :D

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