tenda nova mw3

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Hi all,

I have connected the main tenda nova mw3 to my modem. it gets a signal and I have good connection with the main unit and also with the secondary unit. However, after a few days, suddenly the main units goes offline (gets an orange light) and it has no internet (even though I can connect to it with my laptop or phone). then I unplug the main unit and plug it again, it gets fixed, but only for a few days. I switched between the units and it didn't help. I also tried to use only the main unit without the secondary, but the problem remains.

Any ideas?

Thank you all.


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You can set the reboot feature daily but my experience is that the tenda products are simply junk. If you don't want to work around issues like you're experiencing my 2 cents is you'll have to ditch the tenda equipment.


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I do NOT own this product, so keep that in mind. But based on your description, there really isn't much to go on. Basically the routing capabilities of this device appear to be unreliable, but w/o further details (e.g., a syslog), there are not many avenues for diagnosis.

I will say that if switching which unit performs the routing (WAN) function still exhibits the same behavior, that suggests that either it's a firmware issue (and perhaps an update is in order), or the problem lies w/ the modem or further upstream to the ISP. If you connect a PC/laptop directly to the modem, is the internet connection reliable?

If you happen to have another router, it might be interesting to use it as the primary router (WAN) and only use the MW3 units as the mesh nodes. See if things become more stable. At the very least it would preserve your investment in the wireless. Frankly, it's my understanding the MW3's WAN is limited to 100Mbps, and if your ISP is offering more bandwidth, use of another primary router may be preferable anyway.


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I never used mine (I had the MW6) as a WAN router, only as mesh AP, which they called bridge I believe. The lack of updates, random behavior, app-only config, etc. I had to abandon it after a couple months. Limited features, stability issues even with the most limited feature set is really just a red flag the product is for a basic user who has low expectations.

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