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Testing Netgear WRN834Bv2 with DD-WRT v24/SP2

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Don't know why the firmware only running like it stuck in G mode. N mode was awful.


Firmware shows === 130mbps @ 70mW
No matter what speed adjustment it will be the same.
It seems to be working like G Wireless Access. I needed to be N Wireless Access. Default Netgear works at the 270mbps.

DD-WRT Firmware Results showing 130mbps @ 70mW
Same tryng to force it to 270mpbs @ 80/90/100mW

Wireless Laptop #1 65mbps (in the same room as 834Bv2)
Wireless Laptop #2 65mbps (next room)
Wireless Laptop #3 52mbps (other side of the house)

Actual speed would be about -20mbps so 65mbps = 45mbps and the 52mbps = 32mbps

I had shutdown both Buffalo AP signal see if that would help same result if they were on or not.

Netgear Firmware Results show 270mbps

Wireless Laptop #1 135mbps (in the same room as 834Bv2)
Wireless Laptop #2 135mbps (next room)
Wireless Laptop #3 108mbps (other side of the house)

-20mbps so 135mbps = 115mbps and the 108mbps = 88mbps.

Big difference! So what happen to the DD-WRT.??

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