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The continuation after the King retires?

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el pescador

Senior Member
Been busy of late so haven't popped in much. Last few weeks my ......cut the long story and to the chase.
Came across a thread where there was chat going on about when Eric hangs is boots up etc , and how anyone carrying the project on wouldn't be upto scratch etc.

Got me thinking.

Im currently thinking of a way how to secure a football club here in Spain and will be putting feelers out tot he blockchain community on how to go about this. I realise the financial pitfalls of football clubs so it is a long shot.

But when i read the thread above , eureka moment.
What if the likes of Solana ventures diversified back into other tech projects...like this great standing one. Securing it and giving Eric a nice payday for when he retires. I realise Merlin on its own might not be big enough but if Solana , eg , did deals wit Asus like they have done with mobile phone makers and made a device , the project could be continued and even expanded....There are other options regarding nodes that could come in handy for the blockchain so there is definately more to add.

If it is me just waffling on...you can ignore.

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