The latest versions limit my upload speed

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Good Morning
See if someone can help me with my problem. And forgive my English, I'm using Google Translate
The problem I have with my RT-AX88U is that with the versions RT-AX88U_386.1_2, RT-AX88U_386.1_0 limits the upload speed to 50 out of 600 that I have. With the version RT-AX88U_384.19_0 it does not happen. Also with the latest versions of Asus it also happens, currently I have and with this it does not happen. Gives me 600 ascent
QoS, Nat are off
Thanks for your time


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After doing HArd Reset with WPS button
I just tried version 386.2_alpha1-gc52b410e89 and it keeps giving the problem. Limit speed to 50mb
My operator is Vodafone Spain with TV

To change to the versions indicated in the post above gives me this

If it makes you flat I can pass you the configuration in a file

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