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The LinkStation Gets its Mojo Back: Buffalo Linkstation Pro XHL Reviewed

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It seems no one has discussed this Best Price / Performance Ratio Product in here. ( I wonder Why ... )

1. Are there any Mods out there that Add Emule Download to it?
2. What are the chance of Buffalo adding Emule?
3. How often do Buffalo update their Firmware
4. What is new in Firmware 1.03?
5. Any news on Dual Drive Version?
I am also curious as to why this seemingly high performing NAS (along with Thecus 3200PRO/3800) does not seem to be a favorite with online users...
What 1TB USB drive to add for USB schedule backups ?


I'm considering buying this NAS and associating it with a USB drive to perform scheduled backups. I'm quite interested in keeping the power consumption low and unattended backups. I would schedule sleep mode on the XHL to be up very restricted time slots (basically the evenings where I'll be using the drive at home remotely from my laptop).

I got the Buffalo support to confirm that with USB-powered drive, the sleep mode also shutdowns the USB drive, see http://forums.buffalotech.com/buffalo/board/message?board.id=0101&thread.id=8810 however they did not indicate which USB drive they tested.

What USB drive 1 TB would you recommend?

I've looked at Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 2.0 - 1 To, but I'm not sure it would shutdown automatically when the Buffalo XHL pro would enter sleep mode.

I looked at USB drive enclosures, but they seem to always get external supplys with manual switches (suggesting to me the disk would'nt shutdown from the USB signalling sent by the buffalo XHL nas)

Anybody tested this configuation yet and can advice?

Thanks in advance,

DLNA server but devices can't make Linkstation spin down

I'm using the DLNA server feature, and it works well with one exception. You can't power the Linkstation up or down with your DLNA device. So you have to either have the disk spinning 24/7 or manually switch the Linkstation on/off.

In order to manage the Linkstation's power state, a device must have the "NASNavigator" software. Clearly, this can't be installed on a Playstation 3 or a Denon AVR, for example.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like only PC's can control the power state, but you don't need the DLNA server to stream to a PC.

Only one folder on the Linkstation can be served, so you have to put all the files you want to serve to your AVR in that folder or one of its subfolders.
I've looked at Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 2.0 - 1 To, but I'm not sure it would shutdown automatically when the Buffalo XHL pro would enter sleep mode.

Anybody tested this configuation yet and can advice?


It works with my WD My Book. It's a model WD5000H1U-00.
A word of warning to anyone considering this NAS:

As already pointed out by inkytires, the power-management features are badly implemented.

The NAS has a power switch with positions: auto/on/off. Choosing "auto" means that the NAS turns itself off (power down NAS, HDD) unless it is kept awake by an instance of the NASNavigator-software. It is a bonus that the NAS has wake-on-lan (WOL) capability, but as it is, the feature is not useful for equipment where NASNavigator (or other WOL-script?) cannot be installed.

I was aware of this limitation before buying this NAS, but noticed from the product manual that there is an option in the browser interface to enable "HDD spindown" (standby power-mode). So, my plan was to leave the unit "on" 24/7 and use this power-saving feature.

However, at least for my unit (1.0TB, Nov 2009, "HD103SI"-HDD inside, stock firmware 1.10) "HDD spindown" does not work. The drive is never spun down, even with all services shut down and LAN cable unplugged. This problem has been mentioned in the Buffalo forums, but there is no indication that it is going to/can be fixed. "HD103SI" probably refers to the Samsung HDD which has been found problematic also in Synology NASes (HDD hibernation does not work, in Synology's language).

Overall, the LS-XHL seems fine, but I felt mislead by Buffalo, and will definitely consider twice next time.
Another power management problem

Another problem is the XHL's inability to wake up another XHL. I bought 2 of them so I could use one for automatically backing up the other.

Unfortunately, the source drive can't wake up the target drive to run a scheduled backup. So the only options are:
a. leave the target drive on 24/7, or
b. schedule the target drive to wake up at the right time​

However, if you choose b., the drive can only wake and sleep according to the schedule. The wake-on-LAN feature is disabled when a schedule is used.

Consequently, your computer cannot wake the target XHL. That can only be accomplished by the manual switch.

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