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The network drops down on RT-AX86U with latest 388.1_0

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I have to report about serious problem I have observed with latest Merlin 388.1_0 installed on RT-AX86U.

After update to this latest version I expected a regular network drop down during high load. It happens when:
  • Copying huge amount of data from shared resource (HDD connected to USB 3).
  • Downloading a number of files from internet (doesn't matter from where).
In this case the copying/downloading process just stops and the whole connection is lost. At the same time the router works ok and has an access to Internet. Disconnecting/connecting WiFi solves the problem just for some time.
The situation is the same for different client using different OS.
The router log does not show something specific.

I thought the problem is my provider (NAT / grey IP and IPTV thru multicast ) however changing provider with white Ip and no multicast did not help.

I did a downgrade without resetting settings to 386.7_2 - and the problem disappeared!

Will continue test but two days without any previous symptoms is quite a good sign/


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After numerous tests seems the problem is cause by firmware itself (and of course by some of my settings).
The best solution was a dirty revert to Merlin RT-AX86U_386.7_0/ All following versions seems affected.


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Copying huge amount of data from shared resource (HDD connected to USB 3).

Nothing new or unexpected. Your router is not a NAS.


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