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Many of us and our families will be relying on our home networks more so than ever for the next several weeks. What are you doing to ensure good quality of service, security and uptime in your home? In other words can you avoid tinkering and rebooting until the crisis abates?

Can you last for 7 days uptime? 14? 30? 60?

Do your best and report back your experiences without discussing any health/political issues.

(inspired by the Seinfeld episode “The Contest”)


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I've had uptimes of 120 days and more on my R7800 without a single issue. I don't think during the current time my network will give me issues


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I literally just did a firmware update today across my AiMesh network. That’s normally my only reason for downtime.
Will have to see how long I can resist staying up to date!

My NAS will have a crazy long time on it as it gets let’s reboot required updates and is on a UPS.

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Rik Stigter

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I remember uptimes for Netware-servers in years! Ok, that was a long time sgo, mostly before internet-connectivity, but nevertheless.
Nowadays I'm happy when a system doesn't need a reboot for six weeks.
Routers are among the systems that get to that time-span.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
My record (or close to it, dunno how high it reached) with a customer's office router:


Now, that was reliability...

At home, my personal record is much lower, due to flashing development builds. This year:



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60 days on my AC86U last year and was rebooted due to firmware upgrade.

My Rma ac86u (Mfg 2019) came back at a perfect time and running rock solid on Merlin 384.12 for 12 days and counting.


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46 days so far on my new pfsense box.


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30 days on my AP which is a trusty old AC68U some of my wifi devices have over 370 hours connected time.


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In the average household, where they don’t even know they have a router, let alone where it is or what it does, other than display pretty little lights,, the timescale will be measured in decades. There’s probably an inverse relationship between network security and time since last reboot.


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22 days for my main router. And that's only because I updated the firmware. This router only receives stable updates, that includes amtm and Diversion. Have been connected to it with three devices over OpenVPN since the past two weeks while on vacation. Not a single problem, streaming new episodes over Plex to while away the nights.
And not a single minute spent to look at code or fire up that router I brought along.


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My uptimes will be plus or minus a day or two of however much time passes between fork updates hitting the one drive.


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This is not really a "contest" since the longer the uptime, the more out of date and insecure the router is. Mine is currently at 2 Hours 43 minutes (Shortest Winner so far) since I recently updated from Alpha to beta


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almost 38 days on my current RT-AX88U router on version V384.10_2 (only because of new firmware did my uptime change).



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I've done 150 days of uptime on merlin firmware before.

And recently I do about 30-60 days before firmware updates.


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i had over 8 months on one of my 3200 with Merlin FW as it was in a remote location and i was unable to update , if there were no updates it would run forever


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I remember uptimes for Netware-servers in years! Ok, that was a long time sgo, mostly before internet-connectivity, but nevertheless.
Managed over 400 days on a netware server once. :)

I'm trying very hard not to tinker with things. So far so good, but it all depends on RMerlin. If he releases, I will likely update.
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