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Time Machine restore: Can't find restore source

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Time machine seems to work fine as long as you are in the OS, but I can't figure out how to attach to it from the System Restore screens when you Command R at startup and rescue your computer. The Time Machine doesn't show as an option from the Select a Restore Source screen, and choosing another server asks for a smb share. I tried adding a smb share and pointing it at the usb disk that holds the time machine backup, but it didn't find it. Any ideas?
I'm not a Mac guy but my understanding is that you cannot restore time machine backups straight from recovery mode in macOS 11.

Important: You must first reinstall macOS on your Mac before you can restore your files using your Time Machine backup.
Time Machine server on Asus routers is AFP based (netatalk).. it doesn't support Time Machine over SMB.

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