Time to replace isp provided router

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sagemcom Fast5260 router is the router I was provided by spectrum which a Netgear CM600 Modem feeding. I think the sagemcom is worse my old asus ac66u, that using merlin fw which is at the other house being used.

dad was complained about netflix getting 3mbit last night at other end of the house. I test 2ghz and 5ghz today at that end of the house. 2ghz was getting 30-50mbit and 5ghz (that if 5ghz actual connects there) was getting round 150mbit.

If I test by router 2ghz does about 100mbit and 5ghz does 450mbit. I know for fact if someone is streaming and some one is playing game on there tablet that is always connecting screen to screen those connections slow down, and I know if I play any mmo when streaming is happen latency spikes quite a bit. there is no QOS on this router and even if there was it probably cap everything at 100mbit seeing it similar speed cpu as my ac66u which caps at 100mbit with QoS.

Router is gona stay where it ( in closet on self it could be moved out closet but still gona be corner of the house) regardless of what happens cause my stuff is all wired for the reason of wireless still sucks imo. I been looking at the asus 86u for while or the asus ax56u now seeing it wifi 6 one is quad core other is tri core both are 1.5ghz per cor i believe.

I have 400mbit speeds from isp which is more like 500mbit I would be use QoS I would assume both are capable of providing 400+mbit with QoS on. Range wise and speeds will the increase vs that isp router i have? he want some sorta guarantee which i told him there is no guarantee its wireless. I just know performance of router will 2x or 4x under load vs it bogging down now with just one person streaming.

I was thinking a new router that is actual capable of QOS and 400+mbit and have sagemcom become repeater for wifi which might help wifi at other end of house though I never did that before or would new router like the above me good enough?


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I don't know about the RT-AX56U (no direct experience with it), but I do know the RT-AC86U with its dual 1.8GHz processors will be a huge upgrade over what you have (having compared it to the RT-AC66U...).

I would recommend following the M&M Config and possibly the Nuclear Reset guides via the link in my signature below and installing RMerlin firmware too.

With a stable install at this point, I would then install amtm (see the amtm-Step-by-Step Guide in the same link below) and create a swap file on a USB drive and then proceed to install FreshJR's QOS script too. This may be all the 'QoS' you need to get your network to 2020 levels. :)


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Sorry I mean the AX58U, which is tri core @ 1.5ghz the AX56U is quad core @ 1.5ghz 58u has 4 antenna and the 56u and 2 antennae

I would like better range but I cant give my dad any guarantee on that, but i know the speeds "should" be faster in place the have it reception.

I hoping it fixed the random drops my ipad gets in the 2 game i play on it. and I just want my QoS back and basic function like limited speeds if need be. and the ability to NAME my device in mac address list along with changing my dns would be nice.

long as I can have those and get my full speed of 500ish mbit would like to be future proof in that if my speed get upgrade it hands them too with QoS i fine and should no issue streaming 5 things at once and gaming on pc or ipads

I know niether of these have RMerlin support as of yet
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