Too many welcome ads


Mr. Easy
Staff member
Has anyone noticed way too many "welcome" ads when they first visit the site with a desktop machine? There are the ads that pop over the page and have an X in the upper right corner to dismiss them. Current ads are for VMware and Salesforce among others.

You guys usually aren't shy about complaining. So I'm wondering if it is only me.


Part of the Furniture
Yeah i see the adds very aggresive and annoying but i do understand that adds might be nesseary to keep this site up and running for the benifit of us all that use it. I see the adds in all browsers i use IE11, Chrome and Firefox.


Mr. Easy
Staff member
I appreciate your patience. Yes, we need ads to keep the lights on. But bombarding readers with ads like these is too much. I'm getting it fixed.


Occasional Visitor
I see them regularly on my PC, win 7 using IE. Again, if they pay the bills it a small inconvenience


Senior Member
I am running both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and I see the full screen ad when I go to the home page of the forum all the time. I have excluded your site from my ad blocker but with much I hope you do something about it. Thanks for asking.

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