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I hope Tor discussions are not against the site policy.

Just getting into using it and I noticed that almost every site I visit does not allow me to continue without accepting cookies which is weird...because if I turn off cookies with a non-Tor browser the websites do not give me a hassle. Is this because the IP changes while you are still in a session so the site needs cookies to operate smoothly jumping IPs during the same session?

Obviously not logging into sites is the point of using Tor but I have plenty of sites I need to log into such as online banking, Amazon, etc. If I were to log into a website in one tab does it blow my anonymity in all the other open tabs since it binds the IP to a website login? I thought about running a separate instance for sites I plan to log into but Tor does not allow more than one instance window. However if I do a DuckDuckGo search for "whats my IP" and check using different sites, each site shows my IP as something different....but if I reload an IP-checking site it shows the same IP. So it seems as if each tab or website DOES use/show a different IP. I believe this is because it uses a different routing hop for each site I visit?
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