TorGuard Setup DNSleak test fail

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I just bought an ANONYMOUS VPN from TorGuard and I am trying to find the correct setup.

I have two ASUS router, RT-AX88U, one as Main node and another one as an Aimesh node.
I am running different scripts (Diversion, Skynet and Unbound, FreshJR's Adaptive QOS, ...) without problems. But when I tried to connect the VPN ... I have two possible scenarios.

Scenario 1:
If I set "Accept DNS Configuration" as Exclusive and NO POLICY RULES ... there is no problem. All the traffic goes through the VPN and the Scripts (Diversion) is running OK. And the dnsleak test is ok.

Scenario 2:
I need to activate POLICY RULES, so some devices will go through WAN and others through VPN. Then I set "Accept DNS Configuration" to DISABLE , following the recommendations of x3mtek article with regards to
DNSmasq and OpenVPN DNS.

And in this scenario the Diversion script is running OK, but the dnsleak test FAILS and it shows my real IP.

I followed the instructions in order to prepare the WAN Settings and DNS-TLS, or at least a think so.

I don't know if there is something wrong. But I need to activate POLICY RULES in order some devices can
go through WAN and others trough VPN.

This is my VPN Setup


Some of the Policy Rules


The VPN Custom setup rules




DNS Filter is ON. And the "GLOBAL FILTER MODE" is set to Router mode

The DHCP Server setup


What am I doing wrong?
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