TP-Link AC2600 unable to connect to RT-AX88U with firmware 386.1. Works with 384.19

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When I bought the Rt-AX88U, I was unable to connect my TP-Link AC2600 range extender with the router using the original Asus firmware. I heard of Merlin firmware so I decided to replace the original firmware with Merlin rel. 384.19. Bingo, all was working perfectly. Yesterday I noticed there was a new firmware release (386.1) so I installed it but doing but my TP-Link AC2600 stopped working. I had to go back to firmware 384.19 to get it back online.
Anyone can tell me what changed in the new firmware causing my range extender to stop working?



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Welcome to the forums @Andrepaul.

About a million things changed. :)

Security fixes, possibly updated drivers, newer methods for Wi-Fi compliance, AiMesh v2.0, etc. (see changelogs for some of the details - see GitHub for more).

Edit: the complete post was interrupted as I was rebooting the customer's router. :)

Changelog | Asuswrt-Merlin (

GitHub - RMerl/ Third party firmware for Asus routers (newer codebase)

A full/proper reset may help.

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Repeater don't seem to behave well on all 386 that I've tested. Had many log messages (paraphrasing) about not able to assign IP to (client MAC) since it isn't a AiMesh client. Sorry, logfiles have rolled-over so I can't quote it verbatim.

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