TP-Link Archer A20 doesn't always recover after ISP downtime

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I have a TP-Link Archer A20. When my ISP has downtime, the router does not always automatically recover and re-establish connectivity to the internet for clients.
To be clear, the stuff below happens after some ISP downtime where the cable modem loses its connection, then the cable modem re-establishes a link, all lights on the modem show it's connected, and the modem's admin page also shows it's connected. No manual modem reboots are ever needed. Downtime ranges from a few minutes to several hours and happens a couple of times per year. So it's not the downtime that is my concern, it's how the router behaves (below)

Behavior that I have seen so far for the router includes:
1) Clients stay connected to wifi, but router's admin page is unresponsive and it needs to be rebooted. Then everything works fine. My only guess here is that the router is getting overwhelmed with unfulfilled requests and NAT tracking from clients trying to reconnect and it basically crashes, requiring the reboot.
2) Clients stay connected to wifi, the router's admin page works fine, and shows that it seems to have received a RFC1918 IP from the modem (e.g. 192.168.X.X) which is not the way my ISP normally works, so doing a WAN DHCP release/renew from the router's admin page fixes the issue. But the router does not seem to attempt this on its own. My guess here is that the modem gave out the RFC1918 address while it was still establishing a link to the ISP perhaps and the router decided not to try to renew on its own because perhaps it is not aware that such an IP represents no connectivity.

I have also seen the same #1 behavior on older model TP-Link routers, such as the Archer C7.

Anyone else have these issues? Is there any conceivable way to remedy them?
My goal is to have the router automatically recover on its own without any intervention. (and keep the same router with TP-Link firmware)


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