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TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router, Range kick and unstable ping.

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I am helping my cousin to setup the tp link router, recently the ping are unstable and in some range the router automatic kick people out or with low signal bar and I notice my IPv6 are not on, now i am switching it on to test out but i not sure what to test, could anyone give me a guide which option i need to set ? and help me check the wifi range problem ?


test 2.png

test 3.png

very thankful for your support and help, appreciate.


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Did the defaults not work for you?

Changing everything and then trying to see what went wrong isn't the way to do this.

Fully reset the router to factory defaults. Be sure before you do that, it is running the latest firmware available for the unit.

Then test.

If things are still not stable at that point, come back with questions then. But don't be randomly toggling settings (some settings are sticky and don't really 'turn off' unless you fully reset the router once more).

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