TP Link EAP 660HD + AC5300 Location/Beam Pattern


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Hello all,

As the title suggests I want to add a TP Link EAP 660HD to my AC5300. One of the radio is turned off because it was failing. The remaining radio seems ok but occasionally hiccups under load.
I would like to turn off the remaining radio and use the tp link access point for wireless.

My questions are,
1. Can I put the access point on top of the asus ac5300 ? Router is approx 7ft off the ground. I plan to have it inverted bottom of AP pointed at ceiling.
Will it affect performance of the router ?

2. Will beam pattern be appreciably altered ?
I have looked at some beam form diagrams and it would appear not, but I wanted to check. Approx 2100 sq ft bungalow.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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Is there a reason you want to turn it upside down ?
Other than extra heat on the AP, you can set the AP right side up on the router that has wireless turned off. i would place it to the side so that it has fresh room air rather than hot air from the router.

If it is designed for ceiling mount, you can put it there. If it is designed for wall mount, you can place it there. Biggest difference will be how much coverage you get. If ceiling or sitting on a table, you will get maximum horizontal coverage and some out from the top of the AP. If on the wall you will get more vertical coverage and some across the room in the direction out from the top of the AP.


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Thanks, the reason I wanted to put it facing up is that way the flat side can sit on the top of the router. Would seem more stable. I plan to remove the antennas off the 5300.
I cannot ceiling mount it as I am in housing provided by my company for the next 1.5 years. Not my home and was told no holes.

No problem to let it sit properly oriented on top of the 5300 if it will not affect the router. I was concerned that the beam pattern might affect operation of the components. Obviously the Asus radios and antenna took this into account .... was not sure if the ap would affect cpu.
Not too worried about heat as the router sits on a laptop cooling pad that is rather large.

I want to dip my toe into the Omada network and the AP seemed like a good way to start.


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that AP is designed to be on a vertical surface or the ceiling. Look at the cooling vents. i did not see any vents from the "top" (name side) of the AP case. If it overheats, it will affect throughput, have erratic operation, and die an early death, most likely.
It may last a year or two, hard to say though. The install instructions are pretty clear.

Why not just replace your router with a newer version ?

i would find a way to hang it with string if nothing else or mount it on a board you can set against a wall.

If you place it face down (name side down) so that it has the intended cooling, the radio pattern may be disrupted. All of the energy going out the top ( name side) will be absorbed/reflected back into the AP. Not sure what that will do, but most AP radios want at least a few feet, if not a meter, of clear space around them.
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I will see if I can find a way to ceiling mount it with some kind of removable adhesive.
Thank you for taking the time t answer.


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i would just try it face up on the table first. See how it goes.
If the ceiling is gypsum board, adhesives can pull off some of the paint/paper coating unless they are intended for that mounting type. The issue with those is they probably flow when heated and may let go. i have never tried them in those conditions.

We used to fill small holes in gypsum board with toothpaste back in the day. Now, i would just use some spackling of the same color. If it is wood paneling, then yeah, no way to do it.
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