TP-Link TL-R605 or pay up for a Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro?

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I want to put a router in front of my Asus XT8 to fix the IPv6 and DNS routing problems I’m having. I’d like to keep the cost down if possible, though I understand you get what you pay for. Still, I keep seeing reviews for the TPLink TLR605 that say it’s a Ubiquiti competitor. Could anyone with some experience chime in? As I understand it, they didn’t even support IPv6 until a few months ago. That, and the low cost, makes me suspicious.


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I would never put a device from TP-Link as internet facing, as they are crap when it comes to software updates.
Looking at the firmware releases for the TLR605, they've released a massive two updates this year and they already have two hardware revisions, which means the older hardware revision is likely to be dropped once they release another firmware update.
There must be something more affordable and "home friendly" than the Ubiquiti, but I have no experience with their products.
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Very happy TLR605 user here - for me it works very well and I like the Omada eco-system.

The only niggle is that you cannot specify a username/password if want to a use 3rd party VPN via Open VPN. Currently only supports auto-login, which of course you don't get with the likes of Nord.


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I've been wanting a good HOME wired Router for a while. This looks promising.....

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