Traffic Analyzer jumps up to very high rates for no reason?


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I'm pretty sure I've seen this come up before but couldn't find it doing a search. The traffic analyzer will read correctly but then start displaying a scale that many hundreds of times higher than what's actually being used/sent. The bottom of the graph displays the right amount but the graph itself is way out of whack. I can do a screen refresh and it goes back to normal but then a few seconds later the scale goes crazy again.

I'm guessing this is an ASUS issue and therefore it's a wait-and-see fix. Is this a known issue? Or do I have something not working right?

2021-03-08 16_08_19-ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC86U - Traffic Monitor _ Real-time.jpg

Currently on 386.1_2, and I don't recall ever seeing this on 384 versions.

Apologies if this has already been beaten to death previously.



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This is probably the most relevant recent thread:


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Yea, I posted in that other thread as well. That thread mostly talked about the impossible levels of traffic logged (and also spikes in those graphs). However, I added to the conversation that I had an issue only with the real-time graph. I seems logical it could be related to some underlying calculation or counter overflow that is shared with the spike problem.

No solution as far as I can tell. Thankfully it's only a minor nuisance.


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Yeah, it's unfortunate because it worked just fine on 384, so I guess we just wait and see.

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