Traffic Analyzer only specific weeks?

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After a warning from my ISP about reaching our traffic-limit, i decided to dive into the traffic analyser to see who (of the kids) is the biggest data-spender...

I ran into an issue, however. Only the traffic from a specific week seems to be recorded. Day and week view is empty.

Is this a known issue? Any suggestions on how to fix this? (AC-86U in Aimesh on 386.1_2 Merlin)


And is this the most reliable way to get insight into our data-usage?

Now I have to guess which traffic uses akamai. I suspect Youtube, but there is a separate entry for youtube. Any my cellphone allegedly used 7GB youtube, which seems unlikely.. And whatsapp videocalls seem to be missing from whatsapp traffic.. Maybe a simple table with commonly used protocols for common services would do the trick..

Or is there a better way of measuring the traffic? I read something about traffic monitor vs traffic analyzer, but cannot find the other option? Am I right to conlcude that my ac-86U is a HND router and therefore this function is not available? What about my AC68U and my Lyra further on in my Aimesh? Or should I look on the separate Aimesh nodes for traffic stats? (I hope not).

Via an add-on package? Should I dive into Vnstat?

Thanks in advance,
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... i decided to dive into the traffic analyser to see who (of the kids) is the biggest data-spender...
Unfortunately, device-level tracking isn't supported by vnStat (and therefore vnStat-on-Merlin). But we should be able to collect all the (future) days, which might help diagnostics.


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Yup I can also confirm that it does not work reliably under both asuswrt and merlin. Not only it stops recording randomly, it frequently reports one device's date as some other devices data. I've seen my TV data reported under Printer or my nest cam data under smart plugs or my laptop.

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