Traffic Monitor Daily no longer works

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New Around Here
I'm having issues with the traffic monitor in that Daily reports do not show and show blank.
It should be saving to a USB stick. It worked, mostly fine before I updated to 386.3_2 from a very old version (384?) but now I can't get it to work.
I say mostly because I had a USB stick that was failing so it would crash every few weeks and need to be restarted. I put a new USB stick in and now 24 hours and real time works but daily does not. I assume monthly does not either but it hasn't been a month.
AFIK I have it properly pointing to the new USB stick and have tried both "create or reset data files" and "create or reset IP Traffic data file" together and individually with no luck. I do not have Traffic Analyzer - Statistic enabled, but this has not prevented Daily from working in the past.
How can I further debug this?

Interestingly enough with the bad USB stick Merlin's check disk reported the stick to be fine, but Windows reported it to be not good and the system log showed USB errors. I see no errors in the log from USB at this time.



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Jeffrey Young

Senior Member
Have you tried changing the save location to /jffs/ partition?

I found saving to the USB drive was very unstable


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You may need a better/newer quality drive.


New Around Here
I have tried 4 different drives so far. No dice.
I have tried saving to RAM but not the JFFS. I can try that but RAM made no difference. Something strange is going on here.


Part of the Furniture
Yes, it is. You may need to do a full reset to see if it's software, firmware or hardware issues.

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