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Running a ac68u disabled ctf and all traffic shows up... With it enabled doesn't work.. I have a 500/50 connection with ctf disabled only 250-300mbit...is there a work around to get both cpu cores to work vs only 1 and maxing out and only being 250-300 mbit only on 1 core vs both working together? On newer routers like the 88u or 86u do they have better performance and or able to use ctf and traffic monitoring or is this a bug with all asus routers?

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It's a known limitation that's always been there. CTF bypasses the normal network code which is why Traffic Monitor doesn't see it. Most of the relevant network code is single threaded so having multiple processors doesn't help, other than a proportional increase based on CPU speed.

AFAIK the Traffic Monitor is not present on the 86U because it is obsolete code that isn't compatible with the newer kernel.

Some of the information that Traffic Monitor had is available in the Traffic Analyser which should work even with CTF.


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The Traffic Analyzer functionality in this ASUS AC5300 demo appears to match the Traffic Analyzer functionality in my 86U.



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and you have ctf enabled? I might upgrade to a 86u or 88u...
If ctf is 'cut through forwarding' or NAT acceleration, then I don't know... I think the 86U removed the setting for NAT acceleration.


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