transition from Netgear GS752TP to Cisco SG350-28P - benefits


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In my efforts to right-size my network and also push power consumption down, i have been looking to replace my Netgear 48 port switch with a 24 port switch as i currently only use 14 ports of the Netgear and i do not foresee i will ever exceed 24 ports in my home setup. For the rest i am quite happy with the Netgear apart from the fact that the fans push out a lot of dB's and that the GUI is quite slow. It does what it needs to do and surely i don't even use half of the functionality it has. Now i came across a Cisco SG350-28P which would be more than sufficient for my needs. Additional benefit is that all ports are POE+ and it also has 4 60W POE ports which might be useful in the future.

My main question is if it makes sense to make this change. I don't want this to become a Cisco vs. Netgear thread but i am interested to learn if there are more benefits in terms of performance or reliability.
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