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Transmission and AX88U Pro (running Asuswrt-Merlin Beta 1)

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Hmm, took a USB drive and loaded Entware via AMTM on an AX88U Pro. My main reason is to install ntpmerlin and unbound.
I did an opkg update then an opkg upgrade.

I keep getting this notice:

admin@RT-AX88U_Pro-0BD8:/tmp/home/root# opkg upgrade
Package transmission-cli version 3.00-19b has no valid architecture, ignoring.
Package transmission-daemon version 3.00-19b has no valid architecture, ignoring.
Package transmission-remote version 3.00-19b has no valid architecture, ignoring.

I don't even use transmission...


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I get the same message and also don't use Transmission. It's just a warning, ignore it. I expect it'll be fixed soon enough.

Looks like the repository accidentally contains some old MIPS packages (3.00-19b).
Package: transmission-cli
Version: 3.00-19b
Depends: libc, libssp, librt, libpthread, libcurl, libevent2, libminiupnpc, libnatpmp, libpthread, librt, zlib
License: GPL-2.0-or-later
Section: net
CPE-ID: cpe:/a:transmissionbt:transmission
Architecture: mipsel-3.4
Installed-Size: 254463
Filename: transmission-cli_3.00-19b_mipsel-3.4.ipk
Size: 254595
SHA256sum: 99b9d613b7b23991651fca4c3480f484ecfe9f50b449d01a33ed4f197a107077
Description:  CLI utilities for transmission.

EDIT: Looks like this is some sort of known issue with Transmission that's a work in progress by @zyxmon : https://www.snbforums.com/threads/transmission-stopped-working.84082/post-829765
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