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Julio Urquidi

News Editor

Domotz, maker of remote network management systems including Fing and the soon-to-be-available Fingbox, has teamed with TRENDnet for an upcoming network management appliance.

TRENDnet’s "Powered by Domotz" network management box will provide remote monitoring, network security and remote support features. It appears to be a hardware implementation of Domotz PRO, primarily targeted as system integrators, VARs and installers.

Domotz PRO is a software suite that provides remote access, remote power management, alerts, network diagnostics, a customer facing app, SNMP monitoring, automation system integration and multi-protocol support.

TRENDnet’s "Powered by Domotz" product line is expected to be ready by early September 2017 for the CEDIA Expo in San Diego. Pricing was not announced.

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