Tried WAN aggregation in AP mode?

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Easy Rhino

Senior Member
this is a... dumb... question, but has anyone tried enabling WAN Aggregation on one of the AX series routers, but while using it in AP mode?

I have a RX-82U and I'm using it as an AP, and my homebuilt Opnsense router next to it has an extra ethernet port, so I could set up a LACP on that side.

But the Asus FAQ says it's not supported, so I don't know if it's really impossible, or if it's possible but just too weird to document.

[WAN] How to enable WAN Aggregation on ASUS Router? | Official Support | ASUS Global

And yes, I can try it, but that would involve a wifi outage i'd have to schedule with my wife and kids :)


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Do you have WAN section available in GUI in AP mode? There is no WAN in AP mode.


Part of the Furniture
As @Tech9 said, there's no WAN in AP mode. However, I've never heard of an RX-82U router but perhaps it supports link aggregation on the LAN ports?

Easy Rhino

Senior Member
Okay so thanks for pointing me at the directions, I have this a shot and it worked!

In AP mode, there is no option for WAN aggregation. There's no WAN screen at all

However, under the LAN screen there is an option for LAN aggregation. It uses LAN1 and LAN2 and LACP. Would that work for my uplink to my router? Yes, yes it would.

And then the WAN port is remapped to just a regular LAN port in AP mode as well.

After some trial and error setting up LACP on my router, I got this working. I plugged two laptops into the remaining two ethernet ports and was able to pull an aggregate 1.7gbps from my server with iperf.

This is the one with RGB aggregation.

I've got it set on rainbow RGB right now. It's deeply stupid but also deeply satisfying

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