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Trigger for ipv6 ip available

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I use wan-start to set all ipv4 wan related activity.( no ipv6 is ready as the wan ipv4 is active)

I do not find an equivalent for ipv6. Apearently service-event dhcpc hardly gets fired, unrelated to the
occurence of availability of an ipv6. on manual start [long] after the startup i notice IPV6 is attributed
i'm able to see and start all ipv6 related functionality ..... but no trigger seems to be available...

tried dhcp-event - > fires on ipv4 not ipv6
service-event dhcp likewise

i do not like to start it with a long looping timer, but it should be dhcp triggerd (changing ipv6 addres and prefix)
and want the communication up a max of times !!!!!(immediatly on changing ipv6 address!) not using a 5 or 10 min delay ...

can anybody help me ?

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