Trouble setting up dynanic updater on RT-AC68U for


New Around Here
I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.

I recently purchased a domain, which Id like to update through the router. The RT-AC68U has FreeDNS.AFRAID.ORG in the dropdown options, but it won't connect as the interface won't accept the keys necesary to use the FreeDNS DDNS. I've set it all up properly on the FreeDNS site with my domain linked with the FreeDNS nameservers,and that all works, and I can ping the address. I can also update the connection manually on the FreeDNS site, as explained to me by the admin there. However, most of what he wrote is way over my head. I have had this working previously, but it was as while ago and I was never sure how I got it all working in the first place.

I bought the domain so as to have a unique and relevant address for my Open Simulator based virtual worlds, and as far as I understand it, (and my knowledge of networking is sketchy at best) the connection needs to go through the router.

Some clear and understandable guidance would be muich appreciated.

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