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TS-639 (6)1.5TB HDDSs Limitation and Tape Drive over USB

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The filing system limitation is 8TB (per volume), so I've read. We only want 1 volume. I'll be using this setup in a RAID 5, thus giving 9TB RAW but only 7.5TB accessible (minus formatted space). Therefore the 8TB threshold won't affect us right? Will there be a firmware update soon for raise the threshold? Especially with the 2TBs on the way out...

The second part is: I'm looking to use a USB DLT Drive to back up some of this data to tape. Specifically the Quantum DLT-V4 with 160/320 tapes. Has anyone done this? Will the NAS see the device as a drive? Any other options for backup recommended? I like tape because you can walk out the building with it, they're cheap and you can buy a bunch of them.

Bottomline: Will I fall on my face? Am I delusional?

Thanks, jdavdesign.com
I might not be the best person to answer this, because I have a major HATE on for tape-based backup. I have never in over 20 years doing IT been able to get above a 40% success rate using tape. By that I mean that over half of the backups you make with tape are going to fail to restore your files when you need them.

Besides, tape drives are so crazy-expensive. Why don't you just get a second-hand Netgear NV as your backup destination and do backup-to-disk with it?

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