TTL expired in transit - Help needed to recover from this!

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I had the bright idea to enable jumbo packets on my Asus router. Shortly after I did that, none of my machines can reach server IP: (not the actual name) and also another news server from another provider. This created a huge problem for me since I depend on both almost daily.

I noticed that when I ping from any machine on my network, it says:

Reply from TTL expired in transit.
Reply from TTL expired in transit.

The router,, is several hops away from my router's DMZ. I have no access to it; as, it's my ISP's router. My guess is if I could delete the offending route on that router, this would avoid the routing loop at that router.

My gut instinct says I'm SOL. Is there anything I can do without having to call my ISP and tell them I messed up their router or get VPN? How long would it take for this issue to resolve by itself? I really don't want to get VPN since I doubt I can afford one that supports 1000Mbps throughput and gives me a private dedicated IP.

Any helpful suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

UPDATE: Issue resolved by ISP
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If the problem was caused by you enabling jumbo packets on your router why don't you just disable that option?

I really don't understand why you think you've "messed up" your ISP's router, or how using a VPN is relevant.

If you want us to help you diagnose the problem you'll have to tell us the real names of the two servers you're having problems with.


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I already tried Re-enabling that setting and reset my router and modem. I doubt enabling Jumbo Packets caused the issue directly, especially since it was meant for the LAN side of things, not WAN. Routing loop on a provider edge router isn't something me or anyone else would probably able to fix anyway after thinking about more. I'll just have to figure out how to report the issue to my ISP.


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Update. Issue resolved. I was finally able to get through to my ISP. It looks like this issue was affecting several people, not just me.

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