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TUF-AX6000 VR lagging on Quest2

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Just upgraded my router from RT-AC1900U to TUF-AX6000. I've been using the old one with Meta Quest 2 playing Golf+ running from my PC using the Oculus App with Air-Link. This worked just fine with the old RT-AC19000U router. With the new TUF-AX6000 ( I am experiencing lag/dropped frames and inconsistent metallic sound. A factory reset and settings reload did solve most of the sound problems but the lag is killing the game experience. Getting dizzy when the frames start skipping. Can happen 2-3 times on each hole. With the old router I only experienced that maybe once a day. Wasn't an issue until I got the new router. Quest 2 is the only device running on 5GHz, all others on 2.4GHz. Using Lan1 or 2.5Gbps port on the TUF-AX6000 for my computer makes no difference. Both ports connect "green" at 1Mbps. Quest headset wireless reports 1200 Mbps both ways when connected to TUF-AX6000. The client list on the new router is bugged.(Picture)


Can anyone suggest what to do in order to optimize the TUF-AX6000 for Meta Quest 2 Air-Link VR experience?
I guess the TUF-AX6000 is faulty. If I disconnect all other devices except the computer, wan and Quest 2 and halve the transmission power, things ran better. Less lagging and metallic sound distortions. If I connect Quest 2 to Wifi 5 5GHz on the TUF-AX6000, VR over Air Link ran OK. The ultimate test was to replace the TUF-AX3000 with a TP-Link AX55 (non Pro). That one had no issues with Quest 2 Air Link on Wifi 6 5GHz only.

Guess the moral of the story is that you always need to have a spare router in case the primary one starts acting up.

Btw. Connecting Quest 2 to the guest network WILL show tx/rx rate and access time unlike on the primary network. Might be a s/w bug or an issue due to faulty h/w. I don't know since I don't have a spare TUF-AX6000 to test it out with.

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