tuning my local unbound + Adguard home setup


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I have recently setup a raspberry pi on my network as a dedicated unbound + adguard DNS solution. With lots of help from the community & following threads, I have it working well but might have over complicated things.

I wanted to see if I can tune anything before a write a note to myself so I can set this all up again if/when i need to. This is a summary of my setup

WAN DNS - set to use my ISP DNS
DHCP DNS - set to my local adguard + unbound server
dnsmasq - with a dnsmasq.conf.add file adding:
server=   #my pi - primary DNS

Upstream DNS set to

With this setup, I get local host names resolving, WAN DNS working normally for the router & clients not using DHCP, and adguard can determine client names/ip's in its logs.

  • How does this setup compare to what other people have?
  • Do I need both the dsnmasq config and the adguard upstream setup ([//100.168.192.in-addr.arpa/lan/local/] or are they duplicating each other?
  • I am running the DNS monitor tool (so good - thank you @eibgrad ) but most of my DNS is in red see below example. Is this an area that I can improve?

udp src= dst= dport=53 src= dst=122.106.xxx.xxx [deleted part of my wan ip for privacy]

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